Just saw a wave of hate an aromantic asexual has been having to deal w for asking people to be welcoming of aros & aces at Pride. I reported & blocked the people spewing hate.

Please, other queer folks, don't spread hate toward aces & aros. If you see someone hating on them speak up.


Being queer isn't the oppression Olympics.

Yelling profanities and threats at asexuals &and aromantics while you claim they don't face that sort of thing is perpetuating the very thing you claim they don't face.

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They face that from within & outside of the queer community.

My queer siblings!
Asexuals & aromantics could use your support especially this Pride Month. It looks like the hate being directed toward asexuals & aromantics is getting an early start.

Please, don't let us stand alone.

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