I keep thinking "I wish someone hired me to work on a comic or was my literary agent for my novels or SOMETHING" BUT right now I am also reminded that I don't have the time or stamina for even the few things I need to do right now. @_@

I wouldn't be able to handle working on a comic for someone else besides occasional flats.


I wonder why it is I keep wanting to work for someone else when I have so many things I also want to make for myself.

Do I just want to make others happy? Do I want to be paid (well, of course.) Do I feel like working on my own stuff wont reach as many people as working on a project with others (yeah probably.)
Anyway, brains are weird and complicated. I need to get the things on my plate done before I can think about trying to work for someone else some day.

I still would really love to have a literary agent.

Folks tell me my writing is good but from the number of times I've been rejected so far I'm obviously missing SOMETHING.

I realize the feelings I have regarding hoping I one day have a literary agent or one day have a paying job on a comic for someone beyond flatting are VERY similar to how I feel about dating? Like, that sort of heart-sick feeling of longing for something to work out.

It's weird.

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