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I have random bruises from taking Excedrin migraine yesterday and today for my migraine. I know I didn't hit myself anywhere to cause the bruising.

Gonna try to not take Excedrin ever again & will try to save up so I can see a doctor & learn if there's any pain meds I can take.

Here's where you can donate if you want to help me get money together to see a doc about the random bruising I get from NSAIDS & maybe help me find some meds I can take other than NSAIDS to help out w my arm problems & migraines:

Sarah "Neila" Elkins @NeilaK20

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Reading my novel also on

&/or buying my novel which is out now from

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I don't have insurance so I know the appointment itself will be about $60, which I can now cover thanks to donations. I hope to get enough together to cover any blood tests or medications I may need.

Thank you to those who have donated so far!

I'll keep y'all updated