Patrons can now download a PDF of concept sketches for the graphic novel I hope to make next year called "Slayer of Yggdrasil."

I hope to post more writing and art on in the future.

Blog Post:

Download the PDF here:

Today's sketch of my OC Rebecka.

I really want to do a comic w this character but I'm still trying to decide on what style to use. I think the more cartoony ones I've drawn of her seem a bit more tired so maybe a more western/American comic style is the way to go?

Any thoughts on this?

Oh wow. So this is the first time I've seen this. It looks like Twitter is trying a new feature so people can hide comments from folks. I sort of like the idea. It might be nice to have another way to deal with creeps other than just blocking & muting them.

I splurged & bought myself a birthday present today. Love the comics & was pleasantly surprised the movie was good!

Stream over. I finished the Nikola Tesla cameo sequence in the fan animation I play around with for fun sometimes. It's a pretty simple animation but I think it's not bad for teaching myself.

My streams are Fridays at 3pm central on

Hell, it's my birthday this weekend.

I'm gonna go ahead & share part of the fan animation I've been making. I'll stream work on it tomorrow (Friday August 9th) at 3pm central on my channel.

I'm teaching myself how to animate.
Song by Adam Warrock

I think folks on Twitter thought I was joking about wanting to draw this. I was joking, but also had some time after finishing a commission this evening. Please, enjoy a feral hog that's also an astronaut and sushi chef. Gail Simone's idea via tweets, my art.

Friend : Take a look at this photo of Tesla teaching swimming.

Me: That's not Tesla

Friend : Oh.

Me: This guy in the background of the photo at the end of the Shining, however, is probably Tesla at age 67 before the St. Regis hotel kicked him out.

Friend : What?

Managed to do another quick sketch of Rebecka today. Now with rando added armor that's not blorpy. I really wish I didn't feel so listless and lost right now. I hope this feeling passes so I can get back to making things & finishing stuff.

Body horror 

I am seriously debating streaming playing City of Heroes Homecoming later this week with this Atomic Robo I tried making in the game.

He's not perfect but I think I did an okay job making him in the game.

I'm going to stream writing &/or art live on at 3pm central TODAY.

Let's use Nikola Tesla's birthday as an excuse for me to work on stuff!

Some day I am going to finish making my Atomic Robo fan animations. Some day.

Patrons of my can now read Chapter 10 of my space opera !

Thank you for supporting me. I hope you also enjoy this art from 2011 of Andice, Hal's dad.

Today at 3pm central I will be streaming live for 3 hours on while I work on this commission for Coffee Quills! I will also be working on some other stuff including comic flats & possibly writing. If my arm is bothering me I may end the stream early.

Tomorrow, Friday June 21st, I will be streaming while I color a commission for Coffee Quills at 3pm central live on !

I may work on other things as well, possibly even writing notes for a comic, if I finish coloring this commission during the stream!

Body Horror bodyhorror 

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