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I'm gonna watch more now since I need a day of fun and rest. I hope to finish inking this commission tomorrow but I really can't seem to focus on it at all right now. Check out Cannon Busters on Netflix!

I'm going to try to get some work done today since there's nothing I can do but I hope Twitter does the right thing and reinstates LeSean Thomas' account soon.

Please, watch if you have Netflix! It's an action anime scifi western like

UGH I am so mad at Twitter
right now.

They suspended LeSean Thomas'
on the day his show premiered on Netflix


If you're on Twitter let's let them know they need to reinstate his account!

I am eagerly awaiting the AMV of Old Town Road featuring so if someone makes that happen please let me know so I can watch it several times.

I have dairy-free cheese sauce thanks to my friend Jessi so I am going to make myself some macaroni and daiya cheese for lunch! I'm not going to forget to eat today! :D

Seriously debating marathoning even though I try not to marathon shows BUT I want to savor it since it's only 12 episodes. ;A; I will watch another episode or two tonight when I ice my arms.

Please check out it out if you like action cartoons & dig giant robots!

I really want to make some fanart for when I have time. ;A; I've only watched one episode but this show is SO GOOD.

OMG is so good! ;A;

SAM is adorable & I love her!
Philly is hilarious & I love him!
Casey is adorable and I also love her!
Bessy is a good girl & I love the little cowbell noise when she transforms into Raging Bull Mode.

I was planning to watch tonight after I finish working on stuff BUT I AM TOO EXCITED so I am going to watch an episode before lunch then watch more tonight.

Oh wow. So this is the first time I've seen this. It looks like Twitter is trying a new feature so people can hide comments from folks. I sort of like the idea. It might be nice to have another way to deal with creeps other than just blocking & muting them.

*watches the movie she just bought for her birthday then returns to twitter*

Oh. It looks like some of the creeps found me. I knew tweeting about the movie based on one of my fave comics was a mistake. x_x

I'm gonna log off now. x_x

Decided not to put the little Alita keychain I got with the movie I bought today on my key ring right now. It was over 103 outside today so I'm worried if I took the keychain outside it might get soft and fall off. I have other keychains that have done that before.

Horror comic anthology has 80 backers! Help them reach 100 by the end of the week!

Comics in the graphic novel are by women, men, & non-binary creators & edited by 3 Eisner winners who created & !

I mean, Sechs is still a homicidal android clone but he's still cool about being a homicidal android clone of Alita. XD He tries so hard to be his own person, so it's very endearing.

Sometimes I think about the creepy guys that were in the Alita FB group I left who said they 'wanted a clone of Alita to be their waifu' who evidentially didn't know there are clones of her in the comic and they're all homicidal.

The best clone of her is Sechs, tho. He's cool.

I forgot to eat again. Gonna find something for lunch real quick then get back to work on this commission I need to finish inking. @_@ At least it's not 4 or 5pm when I realized I need to have food. @_@

I just transferred all the photos from my phone to my computer to make room. Now watch as I will probably need old photos off my phone sometime soon and not be at my computer! @_@

The only thing I've been sad about regarding the Battle Angel Alita movie was when all those creepy women-hating jerks took over the Alita FB group I was in. I left the group because of them & haven't interacted with many people regarding the movie or comics since.

I splurged & bought myself a birthday present today. Love the comics & was pleasantly surprised the movie was good!

Time to head to the store to find bubbles and pick up my migraine meds before the weather gets too hot to be outside. I'm pushing it as is.

Today I accomplished:
-ate (more than once!)
-drank water (technically)
-inked a character on a commission

Tomorrow I need to finish inking this commission. It'll be done after it's inked. Been feeling a bit worn out today, possibly from the migraine last night. I hope to work on book edits again later this week. Felt too anxious earlier today to do that for no reason. Gonna go rest now. Gnight. *hug*

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