Here's a link to a cracked #spotify app download with free premium (android only):

If your phone says it's "corrupted," uninstall your existing spotify app and try again

And on desktop, uBlock Origin (among others) will skip all the ads as long as you're using the browser version at rather than the desktop app

@socalledunitedstates Do the artists still get the money for the listen tho?

@Nelu69 You mean the record companies?

I think it convinces the spotify servers that you do actually have premium, then does everything else legitimately. Most of the app is exactly the same. So it probably does affect the metrics and royalties, yeah

@Nelu69 @socalledunitedstates we still don't get paid either way. if you buy your most listened to tracks on bandcamp, you'll be giving them way more money

i had 219 listens over the past year and that pays out at $0.44 usd according to my distributor

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