Love how people are talking about “the” satirical German party in EU elections, yet both FDP and SPD are still running as well.

Journalism in 2019: fact checks for YouTube videos, but not for the words of politicians in power. 👏👏👏

Will be annoying to use the PSVR after this, but I still want to play Blood & Truth and the Iron Man game 🤭

The OS is kind of crappy though, would have expected more from their second standalone device. One example: the installed apps list loads lazily, but sometimes not all apps, need to navigate somewhere else and back to get it to refresh.

Quite happy with the Oculus Quest so far. Great first setup experience and VR without all the cables is so much better. Especially when playing Beat Saber.

Unsurprisingly, Amazon does this (almost) right. They offer the autocorrected version, but still let you pick what you typed. I don’t like the connotation of the message, but the actions offered are right.

Probably programmer hubris: they think they know better than the user, but in reality, they don’t and make things much worse.

Why do people implement autocomplete or autocorrect for physical addresses? It never works well and often breaks the address I meticulously entered, sometimes with no way to fix it.

Latest offender:, their completion slows down typing massively and doesn't work at all.

Conservative human rights are in effect from conception until birth, but not after. Unless you are a corporation.

Looking at GoT takes, it seems like most people haven’t paid much attention to the show before season 8 🤔

If Jon Snow doesn’t die soon, I’ll be disappointed

2 out of 5 times the HBO Now app managed to crash my TV instead of showing the episode 😂

TIL they sell phone computer sandwiches at the BART station ☎️ 💻 🥪

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