I’m using a $250 mechanical keyboard for the sole purpose of taking in-game screenshots. PC gaming is great.

The spider man pointing meme but it's once again asking Bernie and sitting Bernie

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I didn't know mittens were actually real until the Bernie memes

The second mission of @hitman 3 happens at an English country house and there’s a murder mystery side quest, so I am extremely sold on this game.

Who called it Biden’s economic plan and not Trader Joe’s

TFW you only had 10 months to scale your web form to handle a few hundred thousand total users

It’s frankly unconstitutional that there is no Jar Jar Binks show on @disneyplus yet

Unpopular opinion: the pandemic was a bad idea

the tweet composer doesn’t allow GIFs and images in the same post, a strong reason to repeal section 230

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Yang’s campaign is clearly converging on the important promise of making every bodega a hype house

Twitter is just the extended comment section of TikTok

On Xbox, the “OK” button is labeled “Got it” these days and I think this should be the industry standard

He’ll still be able to brag that he was never impeached for killing 385k people, though.

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