for the 3 (and Oneplus 3t) and Sony X is now available in the @ubports installer :)

@NeoTheThird @ubports Asteroid OS for some LG Smartwatches will follow? πŸ€—

@krille @ubports Yep, soon-ish. Might be a matter of days only, depending how busy i am (or if someone else makes it first). Already talked to the @AsteroidOS people, and they were pretty excited! You can already find a config for the LG G Watch R here:

Also: PR's welcome :)

@NeoTheThird @ubports @AsteroidOS That's awesome. I'm very impressed that it is possible to install other Operating Systems on mobile devices (inlcuding smartwatches (wow!)) with the UBports Installer πŸ‘Œ Great job!!

@krille @ubports @AsteroidOS Thanks, i appreciate that :) I'm just a cog in the system, though, wouldn't be possible without the many other awesome people in open-source (you included!).

But Yeah, things in the installer are heating up, and i love it! Been dreaming of having an abundance of devices and operating systems in there for a while and now it's just around the corner. :)

@NeoTheThird @ubports what is the advantage compared to systems like AOSP?

@Vamp898 @ubports The advantage is that it's a completely open-source system (except for drivers) and basically normal Ubuntu like you know it from the desktop. Gives us a little more independence from the bit players and more control over our devices. Google is moving more and more important parts over to the proprietary google mobile services, and we can't be sure how much of a future AOSP has with Fuchsia/Zirkon coming along.

Ubuntu Touch maybe isn't for everyone yet, but it's getting there!

@NeoTheThird @ubports AOSP will stay at minimum 3 more years, most likely more because Fuchsia/Zirkon are only r&d systems not designed nor intended for production (according to Google)

Also Fuchsia is, like AOSP, completely Free/OpenSource

So the main advantage is that it is like a normal Ubuntu, but (I guess) with the disadvantage that it doesn't run Android Apps

@Vamp898 @NeoTheThird @ubports Fuchsia isn't GPL so I hope we will not see this in embedded systems.

@a1batross @ubports @NeoTheThird but Ubuntu touch contains, like AOSP, tons of libs that aren't GPL

@Vamp898 @ubports @NeoTheThird you don't understood.

UBports, Android, Sailfish are all Linux based and I think you know license of Linux.

On popular Android phones we have the minimal choice because vendors are supposed to publish kernel sources.

With G***** bullshit OS we would have nothing but restricted devices that are unknown how they work and you can't just "port another operating system" to it. Sounds familiar, isn't it? :appletrash:

@a1batross @ubports @NeoTheThird
Linux is just the kernel, that's like 1% of Android, also nobody cares about the kernel source. Neither Samsung nor Sony are really interested in the kernel, they have their proprietary drivers and that's all they care about. You can't run a stable AOSP on any non Google device, even tough Linux is GPL. Having an GPL Kernel helps nothing.

Google is not interested in making Fuchsia non Free either.

@Vamp898 @ubports @NeoTheThird ok, I was busy and lost my big reply. You're lucky, this time it will be shorter.

At first, Android got 90% of market share thanks to vendors at first. In 99% vendors do NOT publish modified Android source tree for their devices, because Apache/BSD/MIT and other permissive licenses do not restrict them from doing so.

Meanwhile, they're obliged to publish kernel source code, because it's GPLv2.

At second, do you understand the fact that you're saying me your nonsense in thread of operating system that exist on mainstream Android phones because of kernel license? You can't port nor Sailfish nor Ubuntu Phone nor even build AOSP without having kernel source code modified by vendor to run on your device.

I'm even myself ported postmarketOS to my two phones and TVbox and Arch Linux ARM to same TVbox. My tablet is running custom kernel that allows me to run Ubuntu in multiboot with Android.

In case of Fuchsia, maybe G***** themselves will not make it's non-free, but vendors can. Nothing stops them. And vendors delivers you your Android device: Samsung, Sony, et cetera.

@a1batross @ubports @NeoTheThird but free software is free software.

Every vendor every time can block you from installing Linux on your Desktop.

Every Hard disk and every CPU contains non free software.

I understand your point, I just say its from theoretic nature. In the end, we are all slaves from hardware manufacturer and they decide if we are able to install free software, since the beginning of free software.

@Vamp898 @ubports @NeoTheThird I know about this. This is actually a reason why my next device will be from Sony. I'm ready to pay for source code under free licenses.

But even Sony doesn't put so much effort into SODP, it's not for everyday use and more for development purposes.
@Vamp898 @ubports @NeoTheThird no one stops me to install Linux on my desktop. I mean, we all were scared of SecureBoot, but yeah, nothing is happened.

I hope, this time it will be same and we will still be able to usee free operating systems on embedded systems like phones, tablets, TVs, watches and so.
@Vamp898 @ubports @NeoTheThird you can reply to my previous comment that "but not all vendors are greedy assholes, they will release modified Fuchsia source for their devices if they want".

If so, show me vendor modified AOSP tree sources. Show me PlayStation 4 source code. Nintendo Switch?

Oh, I know. Qualcomm/MediaTek based devices usually use their bootloaders based on opensource Little Kernel(Zircon is a fork of LK as well). Maybe, they are opensource? For any devices, not only selected as developer boards? NO!

Corporations are interested in opensource because it's free as beer. They do not care about YOUR freedom.

Well, I probably sound like bearded grandpa from my pfp, but him is a him and I have my own personality and life views.

@NeoTheThird @ubports wait, so the oneplus 3 is officially supported now? If so, dammit, I just bought another OnePlus One to run UT on.

@jordan31 @ubports No, not yet, it's still a community port made by a couple motivated people from the community. Most things seem to be working, but it doesn't have a stable release yet. Might come with the next OTA, we'll see. There might be a couple community ports maturing over the next half a year, btw. Lots of things happening over at, and we've been doing some work to get rid of some blocking issues.

@NeoTheThird @ubports oh awesome. I'm guessing I can find those other ports on the forum?

If the reviews of the OnePlus 3 port seems positive I might purchase a 3 and sell my One.

@jordan31 @ubports Forum is always a good place to hang out. You can also check out some halium docs, especially if you're intending to be more involved:

For everything else, be sure to follow @ubports to get all the latest updates. If we adopt a new stable device, you'll definitely hear about it!

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