@NeoTheThird @ubports wait, so the oneplus 3 is officially supported now? If so, dammit, I just bought another OnePlus One to run UT on.

@jordan31 @ubports No, not yet, it's still a community port made by a couple motivated people from the community. Most things seem to be working, but it doesn't have a stable release yet. Might come with the next OTA, we'll see. There might be a couple community ports maturing over the next half a year, btw. Lots of things happening over at halium.org, and we've been doing some work to get rid of some blocking issues.

@NeoTheThird @ubports oh awesome. I'm guessing I can find those other ports on the forum?

If the reviews of the OnePlus 3 port seems positive I might purchase a 3 and sell my One.


@jordan31 @ubports Forum is always a good place to hang out. You can also check out some halium docs, especially if you're intending to be more involved: docs.halium.org/en/latest/supp

For everything else, be sure to follow @ubports to get all the latest updates. If we adopt a new stable device, you'll definitely hear about it!

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