Microsoft buys NPM 

So, just bought . Having critical ecosystem components be owned by for-profit companies fosters monopolies. We need more !

And no, is not evil. It's a rational decision they have to make to draw more people to their stuff. Nonetheless, it's another case among countless examples of growing vendor lock-in. Every case in itself is not disastrous, but it will explode in our faces eventually.

Microsoft buys NPM 

, and already have a hard enough time as it is, if it's going to be even more cumbersome to deploy from there, that's a worrying development.

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@chris @NeoTheThird I hope, when you say "#microsoft is not evil", you are talking exclusively in the context of buying npm. MS: financed #CloakRoom, renewed #Github contract w/ #ICE, pays hundreds of millions to #Facebook, financed #AnyVision, spent $200k to lobby against CA's CCPA #privacy bill, etc..

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @NeoTheThird I avoid all I can with MS for those reasons. In my case, though, I'm trying not to imply buying npm itself is evil. I am trying to remind people that enough similar actions will make MS the gatekeeper for FOSS and that is evil in and of itself.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @chris True. What i mean is, not any more evil than most successful capitalist companies. But my point was: It does not matter wether they're evil or not. Even if they were the lovechild of MLK and Nelson Mandela, they still should not accumulate so much power over so many areas.

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