Anyone wanna help me test a new maintenance release of the @ubports Installer? No fancy new features, but some substantial (and much needed) updates to our self-maintained libraries, so tests on the different platforms would be appreciated!

@NeoTheThird @ubports ordered my pinephone yesterday, will take note of this and when it arrives, test (:

@Truck @ubports Cool, hope you enjoy the device! Unfortunately, the installer does not support the PinePhone, so you can't test with that ;) But fortunately for you, the UBports edition comes with Ubuntu Touch pre-installed, AND it's super easy to flash the PinePhone's SD card with tools you're probably already familiar with, like etcher for example.

@NeoTheThird @ubports Hmm, how about we get it _to_ support the pinephone then? (:

What devices _does_ it support (I looked, but didn't really ... see that.)

Maybe I have one that it does (:

@NeoTheThird @ubports My pinephone has been here for almost week, and things seem good... shall be doing some looking at the installer at some point soon (:

"soon" meaning "gosh I'd love to do something other than work in the next 3 months but um no that is likely NOT happening"

(additionally, a bit concerned that ubports mastodon/fediverse presence is... almost nonexistent? Any idea of ubports folks on the 'verse other than yourself?)

I PROBABLY am not the target audience, but then, I'll probably have ubports on my emmc - and use chunks of it for 'daily use' when not doing minimalistic things (:

@Truck @ubports Welcome to the family :)

Yeah, it's true, the @ubports and @ubports aren't exactly well-maintained. I guess that can happen in volunteer teams :)

For personal accounts, there's a couple fun people from the community, like @ernmander, @fla, @diogo, @tcarrondo, @krille, @Jonius, and many more who will probably be disappointed that i forgot to mention them :D


Of course you might also want to follow accounts from other awesome mobile linux projects, like @PINE64 @plasmamobile @bshah @postmarketOS @martijnbraam and @bart

@NeoTheThird @ubports @ubports @ernmander @fla @diogo @tcarrondo @krille @Jonius

I'll be ... adding folks... maybe I need a separate instance to just track this project (:

I'm pretty impressed with ubports, and will probably end up using it as the main instance, at least if I can't get sailfish to work. (Have had a Jolla phone - 2 of them - and am running Sailfish now on an xperia - but want a _real_ device, and well, ok, while I can sort of "walk over to their office and yell at their door until they tell me to go away" that is not ENTIRELY the best thing (:

Also do we have a #matrix channel? I have asked a few times but haven't found it.

(Also dealing with constant work crisis so... "brain failures" are happening too often.)

@NeoTheThird Well, someone picked up @ubports again. Tons of retoots (boosts?) now from non-phone and unrelated projects. Could it be toned down a bit? It's not a personal account 😅

@ubports @NeoTheThird Haha no problem, I'm happy the account is active again and am excited to see UBports progress 😉

@NeoTheThird @ubports I'm seeing that toot way to late, but I could have help. I guess you also posted this call for test in the Telegram group? I'll try to follow more closely there.

@fla @ubports Ha, thanks, yeah, i guess we could cross-post these in the main group as well, but usually all qa requests are posted (and discussed) in the qa telegram group:

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