@NeoTheThird @ubports Does it have native driver support or does it use libhybris?

@NeoTheThird @ubports Not mainline though, just another libhybris using device...

@bart @ubports Yes, but we also need those. The target audiences of the and are a little different. Mainline is the future, no-one is denying that. But for the time being Halium is the easiest way of getting a flagship-level device fully (and i mean *fully*) working. If we want to secure a future for Non-Android mobile OSs, we need to grow the audience. And it's good to approach that from more than one angle.

Love and admire what y'all are doing with ofc :)


@NeoTheThird shows developer device and seems to like it. See thread for more details.

To monitor progress on VollaPhone:
It is looking good for the planned shipping in October/November this year.

@krille @ubports Not yet, i guess we'll end up blackening that part of the screen and moving the notification bar down a little in the beginning.

@NeoTheThird @ubports Looks absolutely gorgeous on the phone. Hard, dedicated work pays off !

@NeoTheThird @ubports I really like seeing UT on newer devices. These phones are fitted with powerful chips. UT can't really take advantage of it just yet.

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