It took me a while to warm up to the new GitHub notifications, but they're actually not half bad! Much better not to have stuff disappearing just because you opened and "read" it once is actually rather nice!

@NeoTheThird I still don't like it. I personally prefer my notifications to be primarily organized by project and secondarily by time rather than the other way around. With the new notifications, for n projects, I click on the project selection on the left hand side n times to group the notifications by the individual project. However, the underlying problem might be that I used to be subscribed to too many things - I have already significantly reduced the number of repos I'm watching.

@TimSueberkrueb Right, there's obviously still room for improvement :D i was just suprised this morning that i could actually get in quite a nice workflow with the new notifications. When they were first introduced, i absolutely hated them! And yes, reducing subscriptions helps a lot. I used to be subscribed to everything in the ubports org - bad idea.

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