It's interesting to see the difference in interaction between posts on twitter and mastodon. With twitters interest-determination fuckery, it just seems to not show some of my tweets to anyone while some others receive more attention. If i post the same stuff on mastodon, everything gets more or less the same attention.


That's not to say that what twitter is doing isn't working for them, i find twitter much more addictive than mastodon. But it does bury a lot of stuff that's actually interesting, because "the algorithm" (tm) determined that other stuff would get more engagement.

@NeoTheThird As I understand, you would like a Mastodon with more followers ? :troll:


Well, who wouldn't. I'm actually always surprised how much Mastodon is thriving. Sure it's less people than on twitter, but there's a bunch going on here! My comment was more about the difference. There have been posts i made here that got likes, boosts and comments while generating zero interaction on twitter with the exact same wording ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@NeoTheThird Obviously a joke ... but more seriously, I'm agree and I think that this is due to the fact that the population using Mastodon is much more open and sensitive to the question of privacy, (de facto) decentralization and FOSS ... your topics of predilection. For my little example, I'm duplicating the entirety of what I post here on Twitter ... I literally get three times more feedback here while I have less followers 🤔

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