I'm happy to announce a project I've been working on for a while now:

, the open crowdsourced user testing suite


OPEN-CUTS is a web-tool to help communities with user testing! The goal is to allow even inexperienced users to easily report test results for new software releases. OPEN-CUTS then aggregates and compares the metadata across versions to identify regressions.

It's still early in development, but the basic features are there! We'll begin trialing the software for different @ubports projects such as , the , and some core apps. Head over to ubports.open-cuts.org to see it in action!

Again, development is still early, so head over to our GitLab org gitlab.com/open-cuts to see how things progress over there (and maybe star the repos while you're at it?). I also probably won't shut up about it on here ;)

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The backend server is written in and provides a API built with the awesome library. Data is stored and aggregated in a database, accessed using the library.


The web-UI is a single-page-application built with . It uses the GraphQL client to consume the API.


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Things are going to get interesting, i promise. We're currently toying around with the idea to have the @ubports installer automatically report results if the user opts in (github.com/ubports/ubports-ins). There's some great potential there, i think!

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