@hirschnase Not yet, sorry. Not sure how different the hardware is, sometimes devices with very similar marketing names are completely different in terms of architecture. Here's the list of currently supported devices, if you want to keep an eye on it: devices.ubuntu-touch.io/

And here's a forum thread on the Pixel 3a port, if you wanna chat with some community members about the prospects for Pixel 3XL support: forums.ubports.com/topic/4621/

@NeoTheThird been considering installing ubuntu touch, what would you say the pros and cons would be? whats the app availability like?

@staticbrat It's been my only OS for years. Unless you need "that one app", you get by just fine. Phone features work, you have Signal and Telegram for messaging, email, web, silly games, and OpenStreetMap. For me, Ubuntu Touch does what i need from a phone. If you do need a special app that is not available, that might be a problem for you, though. We're working on Android app compatibility (Anbox), but it's not completely ready. If you want to browse the available apps: open-store.io/

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