You have to admire documentation writers that take the time to explain the basics.

"You want to know how to use the software? Ok, but first, let me tell you about the universe, where it all came from, and how it will eventually end. Then we'll talk about where all the buttons are."

@ubports The internal dependency graph is still an abomination, but at least progress is being made :D

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Got some more refactoring done on the . No new features in 0.8.6-beta, but a redesign (yay, simplification!) of the system-image plugin. Here's the full changelog, if you're a nerd:


Getting back to work on the ; here's a tiny maintenance release delivering some small bugfixes (thanks to the @ubports community), as well as updated dependencies. Will now resume working on some of the good stuff i promised, stay tuned 🤠

Get yours here:

Or run `snap install ubports-installer` in your terminal, if you want to be accepted as one of the cool kids

Since we're wrapping up this pitiful excuse for a year that is 2020, i want to end it on a positive note for myself. I would like to share with y'all that i'm nonbinary 💛🤍💜🖤


What the fuck is this, we have religious spam PMs on the now? What i could get used to is spammers having the decency to use honorifics i don't hold ^^

When my grandkids ask me one day why i stopped being friends with @popey all those years ago, i'm going tho show them this tweet and they're gonna cry.

coronavirus, brexit 

Can someone explain to me how exactly this will prevent infections?

Where do they eat? Where do they go to the bathroom? Where do they shower?

If the border had stayed open, there'd probably have been a couple drivers infected with the new much-more-infectious strain, so they could have isolated at home. By now it's probably spread widely. What the f is the plan here? Are we just gonna wait for them to die, or..?

While searching for my last name in a pdf, i noticed that it's included in the German word for principle of contingency / random principle. I put the Sprinz in zufallSPRINZip!

ben shapiro 

"having a stroke is bad ergo non-medical PhDs are worthless checkmate liberals"

Tiny @ubports installer maintenance release fixing an issue with setting udev rules and improving ux for unlocking the bootloaders on some devices. Also improved API speed and updated dependencies. Update here:

@ubports The list of supported devices has been growing like crazy over the past year. 51 devices, can you believe it!?

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