Just in case anyone wondered, yes, works with the custom gsm network at ;)

Someone in the operating systems class I'm tutoring just handed in this beautiful drawing instead of the assignment. Is it okay if i give them full points for creativity?

This also means experimental support for other operating systems. To demonstrate this, i just hacked together a quick-and-dirty config file for , and it works! Collaboration, anyone?

Overshadowed from the news of the big and merge into devel at @ubports, we also silently published a new version of the yesterday, which finalizes some things we've been working on over the past months!

If you've been having issues with the installer before, you'll definitely appreciate this. We've closed over a hundred issues on the installer repo over the last three months!

Update your installer now, you won't regret it! github.com/ubports/ubports-ins

for the !

Still *very* experimental, but dev builds can be found here: ci.ubports.com/job/rootfs/job/

If you want in on the dev fun: gitlab.com/ubports/core/rootfs

Another major roadblock to get this production-ready is this one: github.com/MirServer/mir/issue

If you're interested in getting started with /#Wayland development and want to help with moving and forward, that's the place to start!

We just published another small release of the @ubports Installer that includes some long-awaited bugfixes and usability improvements! You can download packages for all major operating systems at github.com/ubports/ubports-ins or just run "snap install ubports-installer" on any distribution to get the snap package. If you want to know if your device can run , check devices.ubuntu-touch.io to find out! Or check out docs.halium.org to get started with !

In hindsight, maybe I should have ordered replacement hinges *before* opening the laptop I need for my daily work...

Just finished testing on a new version of the @ubports installer with an impressive list of fixes and new features. Among other things, we have also resolved some of the issues on and . Thanks to all contributors!

If you're on , get it by running `snap install ubports-installer`. Packages for and are available at devices.ubuntu-touch.io/instal or devices.ubuntu-touch.io/instal respectively.

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