I promise, we'll get back to more exciting features in the soon, but here's another round of refactoring and some groundwork for things to come: github.com/ubports/ubports-ins


Got some more refactoring done on the . No new features in 0.8.6-beta, but a redesign (yay, simplification!) of the system-image plugin. Here's the full changelog, if you're a nerd: github.com/ubports/ubports-ins


Getting back to work on the ; here's a tiny maintenance release delivering some small bugfixes (thanks to the @ubports community), as well as updated dependencies. Will now resume working on some of the good stuff i promised, stay tuned 🤠

Get yours here: github.com/ubports/ubports-ins

Or run `snap install ubports-installer` in your terminal, if you want to be accepted as one of the cool kids

Tiny @ubports installer maintenance release fixing an issue with setting udev rules and improving ux for unlocking the bootloaders on some devices. Also improved API speed and updated dependencies. Update here: github.com/ubports/ubports-ins

@ubports The list of supported devices has been growing like crazy over the past year. 51 devices, can you believe it!?


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Just finished work on v2 of the @ubports Installer specification, i think it's going to make a lot of things easier in the future! Here's some of the gems: A thread!

Thanks to the tireless work of Vince, you can now conveniently install on your using the ! devices.ubuntu-touch.io/device

But wait, there's more! If you find that does not work for you yet, the Installer has got you covered. Just run the installer again select to switch back. on phones has never been easier!


Wanna help me test the next point-release of the ? Not as exciting as the last ones, just some error handling improvements. Still good, though, as it includes prerequisites for an upcoming device! @ubports

It's still early in development, but the basic features are there! We'll begin trialing the software for different @ubports projects such as , the , and some core apps. Head over to ubports.open-cuts.org to see it in action!

Again, development is still early, so head over to our GitLab org gitlab.com/open-cuts to see how things progress over there (and maybe star the repos while you're at it?). I also probably won't shut up about it on here ;)

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