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Derzeit wird ein neues #BNDGesetz erarbeitet: Reporter ohne Grenzen fordert eine verfassungs- und pressefreiheitskonforme Neufassung des Gesetzes, mit effektiver Kontrolle reporter-ohne-grenzen.de/press

@adalbertsen It's missing a third image for reactjs where he like murders someone

@bleakgrey Oh, ok, hmm. Yes, i'm afraid that won't be fun. Xenial's gnome libs will be anything but cutting edge, i guess... Good luck anyways, hope you find a solution!

@bart @ubports Yes, but we also need those. The target audiences of the and are a little different. Mainline is the future, no-one is denying that. But for the time being Halium is the easiest way of getting a flagship-level device fully (and i mean *fully*) working. If we want to secure a future for Non-Android mobile OSs, we need to grow the audience. And it's good to approach that from more than one angle.

Love and admire what y'all are doing with ofc :)

@bleakgrey Backport it to what? Qt? Have you tried if it just compiles in clickable? clickable-ut.dev/en/latest/

@krille @ubports Not yet, i guess we'll end up blackening that part of the screen and moving the notification bar down a little in the beginning.

@mark @ubports @raspberrypi Still primarily intended for testing and development. It will be in the installer as soon as i get a chance to add sd-card flashing capability. In the mean time, you can use etcher (github.com/balena-io/etcher) with this image: ci.ubports.com/job/rootfs/job/

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Ooh, look what just arrived.

(It’s the PinePhone UB Ports edition.)

Looking forward to sharing my experiences and thoughts once I’ve had more of a play with it.

@Jonius Iirc liegt es daran, dass das bluetooth-le protokoll für die IDs ja im betriebssystem implementiert ist und unterschiedliche apps (also auch von anderen ländern) unterschiedliche permissions brauchen. Bin mir aber nicht mehr sicher, wo ich das gelesen hab.

@Jonius Habe gelesen, dass das passiert, weil das eine zusammengehörende Permission-Gruppe ist. Der Zugriff passiert nicht, wie man im Code auch prüfen kann.


Of course you might also want to follow accounts from other awesome mobile linux projects, like @PINE64 @plasmamobile @bshah @postmarketOS @martijnbraam and @bart

@Truck @ubports Welcome to the family :)

Yeah, it's true, the @ubports and @ubports aren't exactly well-maintained. I guess that can happen in volunteer teams :)

For personal accounts, there's a couple fun people from the community, like @ernmander, @fla, @diogo, @tcarrondo, @krille, @Jonius, and many more who will probably be disappointed that i forgot to mention them :D

@fla @ubports Ha, thanks, yeah, i guess we could cross-post these in the main group as well, but usually all qa requests are posted (and discussed) in the qa telegram group: t.me/ubports_qa_team

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