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Together with centering, this makes achieving the above for nice-looking READMEs really easy:

| column 1 | column 2 |
| 1a <br> 1b | 2a |

Was this obvious to everyone else? It always bugged me that i couldn't format tables properly in github-flavoured markdown.

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Today i learned that you can use <br> tags to create line-breaks in markdown table cells

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We are pleased to announce the release of Ubports Installer 0.5.2.-beta. This release includes many new and exciting improvements. These include:
. Support for Heimall, the Samsung boot manager
. Sideload support for more Operating Systems,
. More configuration flexibility for porters,
. Bug Fixes

Full details are in the changelog at:

#UBports #UbuntuTouch #UBportsInstaller #Linux #Samsung

I keep wanting to leave twitter and solely do mastodon, but i just enjoy it wayyyy to much

Things are going to get interesting, i promise. We're currently toying around with the idea to have the @ubports installer automatically report results if the user opts in ( There's some great potential there, i think!

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The backend server is written in and provides a API built with the awesome library. Data is stored and aggregated in a database, accessed using the library.

The web-UI is a single-page-application built with . It uses the GraphQL client to consume the API.

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It's still early in development, but the basic features are there! We'll begin trialing the software for different @ubports projects such as , the , and some core apps. Head over to to see it in action!

Again, development is still early, so head over to our GitLab org to see how things progress over there (and maybe star the repos while you're at it?). I also probably won't shut up about it on here ;)

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I'm happy to announce a project I've been working on for a while now:

, the open crowdsourced user testing suite

OPEN-CUTS is a web-tool to help communities with user testing! The goal is to allow even inexperienced users to easily report test results for new software releases. OPEN-CUTS then aggregates and compares the metadata across versions to identify regressions.

petition to rename "Atlas Shrugged" to "Atlas was like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"

Anyone need yet another downloading library for ? No? Well, i made one anyways, so you better find a way to be okay with that.

Featuring asynchronous parallel downloads, progress and speed callbacks, and checksum verification using different hashing algorithms, making it easy to skip unneeded downloads. Not a lot of fancy fluff otherwise, really only what i needed for the .

In honor of the release of version 0.4.20-beta of the @ubports Installer, i kindly request you include your favorite weed joke in your bug reports.

Been on a roll these last few days with small fixes to long-standing issues and implementing some things often requested by new porters. More to come, but for now this fixes some OEM-unlocking issues, improves detection, and adds a new fastboot:format step to the config format. Also migrated the to the core20 base.

That's not to say that what twitter is doing isn't working for them, i find twitter much more addictive than mastodon. But it does bury a lot of stuff that's actually interesting, because "the algorithm" (tm) determined that other stuff would get more engagement.

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