Saw a misspelling of "mailbox" and for a second I thought it was hip new trans guy lingo for... well, you know, the man cave

I found where they put all the headphone jacks that were supposed to go on the iPad Pro

Is GOG losing you as a customer or as a developer because they let edgelords run the show? Let them know!

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self care , capitalism 

capitalism has taken the idea of self care and commoditized it. my self care recently has been things like actually showering and cooking and eating food, cleaning up my living space, throwing away things that are associated with bad memories, doing necessary maintenance on my house and car.

you don’t need to buy luxuries as self care, especially if spending money stresses you out more.

Technically i do have a presence on this instance but i spend way more time on, the horny furry support group, and you should probably follow me there.


let’s get rid of rounded corners. why don’t we get rid of corners all together. unbounded UI design. everything just flies off in to the distance, free of artificial constraint. it’ll make Jony Ive cry

If you thought it was great when Bojack broke format and did slient comedy for the underwater episode, good god. Will Arnett's gonna get showered in awards.

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I absolutely know why pls don't explain it to me, i know why

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Marjority Report started putting Toad Mario Kart samples on their soundboard aaaaaargh whyyyyyyy goodspeed, sleepy sailor

@SlyWolf It's a really solid season so far, i'm up to episode 8

Throwback to Nazi punching OF COURSE they thought he was a cuck porn actor. because of course they thought that.

wow. did u know GARFIELD is an acronym for GIRLFRIEND! really makes u think ::think_bread: :think_bread:

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