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guys remember when we were excited mastodon has Real Content Warnings? you should use them for those nsfw jokes you should not be exposing minors to

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Alright, I need to catch some from Argentina, Paraguay, and Bolivia

Unless you want to discuss the race itself, with controversies blooming out

Formula E is pretty good, even with some CS:GO personalities there

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@Monophylos @Gargron @jrm @dopatwo 3. our posts are called toots
4. these toots can be boosted, so we are toot boostas
5. there is a non-mandatory public timeline
6. it's still young so your username choice isn't taken
7. most people here are really nice
8. it has a tweet deckish browser set up
9. it connects with other small social media sites
10. everybody is free to dunk on shitposter club (sorry rubek)

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.@jrm @Gargron @dopatwo

1. The 500 character limit allows for a more relaxed, composed approach to posting. There is room to think and reflect rather than to repeat slogans.

2. Yet because there is a limit to post size that is not too great, Mastodon preserves the one great advantage of Twitter, which is fluidity and a sense of kinesis, contrary to the static nature of blogs and forums.

3-5. Aren't the first two enough?

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1: it's mastodon
2: it's not twitter
3: mastodon is a place for friends and good people
4: it's not only not twitter, it's also way better than twitter.
5: these four reasons above combined.

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Small update: There is a new friend on the getting started column, courtesy of @dopatwo

Happy Holiday, Winter Solstice, and Saturnalia !

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