Had a dream last night that Battle Cats released a Sexy-Legs cat unit based on the Netflix show "Cuties", but because it got banned in every country except America they decided to replace it with an anime girl that evolves into a larger anime girl surrounded by her various friends. For her true form, she has more friends, with one of them being a dragon.

Just checking on what you guys are up to...

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I piss off the gamers 

30 fps is fine for most things

“It is legal to sell alcohol in advertisements, as long as you don’t show someone drinking it.” Then what else am I supposed to do with a cup of vodka? Just... hold it??

“It is legal to have advertisements selling alcohol, as long as you don’t show someone drinking it.” Then what else am I supposed to do with it? Just... hold it?

Race, Politics 

You must not give in to hate. Even a person of colour can become a white supremacist.

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Ripe bananas glow blue in ultraviolet light.

Like many fruit, unripe bananas are green because they're still full of chlorophyll. In bananas, that chlorophyll breaks down into a UV reactive pigment.

Some birds and insects are tetrachromats, and can see UV light. To them, bananas which are ripe and ready to eat are super obvious, and easy to see from the air.

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pokemon used to be like "a dog but on fire" and now it's "a smug bird with a sword" or "floating cake". this says a lot about today's society.

Humidity: increases
The wall in my cottage bedroom: EXPAND WOOD

Contriken: the Rambo Chicken. Fire/Grass type. Moves: Solar Beam, Flamethrower, Bullet seed, and Sunny Day. Evolves from a certain chicken with an Jungle Stone.

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@Gargron Runescape has taught us well, to never fall for this.

On a more serious note: holy, that is one big security issue they need to fix. Looking forward to the write-up.

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why is the internet so reactionary these days? It's a huge disapointment to see hate fuled discussions, ignorance and fascism popoing out of nowhere, specially coming from people I deemed reelevant at some point, in spaces I though were progressive havens for dialog and peaceful coexistence of ideologies ... it makes me rethink my faith in humanity, honestly

Had a dream last night there was this weird Tarzan movie where there was this chimpanzee character who guarded a rune-engraved stick. But it got run over by the Disney villain driving a steamroller. Near the end of the movie, Tarzan and the chimpanzee team up to fight the villain once and for all. I don’t know the villains name, but he appears in the animated Tarzan movie and rode a giant chameleon once during the Kingdom Hearts series.

Handling a child can be challenging, because they can be more clever than you think. I know this because I’ve been one.

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Here's another batch of ! Here's Decalu and Megarok, two of the fakemons I made during childhood recreated in ! Decalu can evolve into Megarok if it reaches a certain level. Their moveset includes Peck, Headbutt, Mud Sport, Rapid Spin, Iron Defense, Harden, Rock Tomb, Scary Face, Growl, Howl, and Facade!

The entire evolution line of bulloud. The creatures are made in using various mods such as Dark Injections and the CB Colour Pack.

A Snaurrus creature, made in . A very curious and gentle creature, its friend is a snake that rests around its neck. It wears bubbles as if they were a pair of pants.

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