Are you ready for the battle between the forces of psychic brothers? I heard it's like Space Jam but instead of cartoons its original OC superheroes or whatever

Like it's like the battle between the X-men and the forces of Magneto, but basically everyone from several different franchises are spectating it

Speaking of X-men, Wolverine and his buddies are there but they're onscreen in the background for like three seconds

Oh wait no I mean Alpha Flight instead, which is THE Canadian superhero team, but you could still see them if you're quick and observant enough. Except for the Sasquatch, he's the most noticed cameo character of the three

Oh, don't forget Deadpool, it's perfectly okay to bring a man who literally killed THOUSANDS of people (perhaps even way more), but oh no no no no, not Superman the guy with a no-kill policy, he's COPYRIGHTED

At least they got a couple open-source characters, most notably Sherlock Holmes and Robin Hood, they seem to be good buds. Too bad most of them faded to obscurity, but thankfully Totally Not Space Jam will bring them back to light for a new generation.

You may be wondering why a pair of psychic brothers fighting would be a big deal, especially in Toronto. For several years, they competed hard against each other to win the favor of their eldest sibling, the Mayor of Toronto. And no, it's not fracking Henry Ford


One day, Millenious found out that Mundi had already founded his own superhero team, which grew into a superhero organization composed of several superhero teams. So he thought "I'm so jealous of this man, that it makes me want to make a team of supervillains" and so he did

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Which, long story short, eventually led up to this very moment.

Where the sibling rivalry has reached its peak.

The clash between their supporters will be inevitable.

The final battle between brothers is about to begin.

The major event that would be remembered by many throughout history.

And as I speak, Paimon is currently eating popcorn with the Backstreet Boys in the background.

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