Introducing another Lego creation, Shrine Gepald! It is basically the next evolution of Gepald. It is an exorcist and priest who helps those in need. It can switch to Shrine Mode to help itself meditate and observe its environment while it stores up energy.

Name: Gepald
Type: Steel/Light
Abilities: Own Tempo, Forewarn, Quick Feet, Healer, Light Metal, Solar Force
Hidden Ability: Battery
Moves: Vine Whip, Slash, Sunny Day, Iron Defence, Protect, Shadow Ball, Power of One, Solarbeam, Peck (just to name a few)

Every time I open up my Pale Moon browser, there are a few website links that do not come with their own icon, instead of a plain rounded square with the letter "O". The Diaspora link was one of them until today.

You see, I have made a custom icon for the "Online Social World where you are in control" and I want to know what you guys think!


You won’t believe what’s going on right now on my backyard!

My main Land character Neonriser II grew up so fast! Today I promoted her into a new, stronger from I call Neonriser X. Those Angel Coins I spent were worth it! 🙂

While I currently enjoy playing Universal, I sometimes miss my old robots from the OG Cosmicbreak...

I used a certain avatar maker to recreate one of my OCs: Danella Vera.

Years ago I recorded a dance dance revolution-like arcade machine with playing, so I decided to record it because I might not ever see it again. And what made it so surreal is that it took place in my local movie theater! You guys don’t mind guessing what exactly the game the person’s playing, right?

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