Here's another batch of ! Here's Decalu and Megarok, two of the fakemons I made during childhood recreated in ! Decalu can evolve into Megarok if it reaches a certain level. Their moveset includes Peck, Headbutt, Mud Sport, Rapid Spin, Iron Defense, Harden, Rock Tomb, Scary Face, Growl, Howl, and Facade!

The entire evolution line of bulloud. The creatures are made in using various mods such as Dark Injections and the CB Colour Pack.

A Snaurrus creature, made in . A very curious and gentle creature, its friend is a snake that rests around its neck. It wears bubbles as if they were a pair of pants.

Here's the creature Bulloud in ! They are gentle and friendly creatures that would get along with anyone, or at least they try to. Their heads are projectiles when it comes to combat: once they fire their head like a missle, they will always come back.

MegamiDashi, made in ! Wielding both the Cloud Sword and the Red Snapper, she is willing to take on any challenge to save her city from bad guys!


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