Make anime people go to their own instance please

Are people seriously allowed to diss Assad on this message board?

boost this if youre gonna leave me alone

How do i delete my account on this fucking eunuch shithole place

Wore sweat pants to tje office since tjey made me woek on saturday

Let me introduce my self to mastadon! My name is Ryan. Im 28 years old and i love pissing

All my followers on mastadon are pathetic worms

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This kicks ass... i love putting the same kinds of words on a slightly different blue app with a subset of the same people. Finally posting is going to stop making me angry and insane, and start improving my life

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If youre not on the default instance youre a nerd who is too afraid to face me

Calling all Mastadonians from all instances! Considering watching the Matrix 3, what do you think? Worth it or nah?

Hey hows the flow over on pump 4. Miss. Miss. Hey. Pump 6 over here is treating me just fine. Regular or premium?miss? Cmon

I am ceaselessly haunted by the facts of each one of the past 100 years...being a historian is taxing

Can you omagine homer simpsons sucking in the acrid smoke of the marijuana plant

What if homer simpson smoked weed?
Can you imagine if he did?

Can i threaten adolf hitler on this website. twitter bans tor that

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