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What's the word for "jack of all trades" but instead of being okay I'm bad at everything?

alright im back to using this thing cuz i need attention lol

im thirsty for attention so im gonna be using this again

If this tornado comes and fucks up my house while I'm relaxing in this cute lil bath tub ima be pissed

me while out and about: oh gosh darn it i forgot my life alert at home ):

time to get some cute nintendo and she-ra stickers for my laptop

the number 1 angel mixtape had so many cute pop bops like the leading single for the mixtape was lipgloss ft cupcakke! Charli is that pop girl!

My friend got me the killing joke comic for xmas😭😍

just because white people couldn't do it doesn't mean it was aliens

need mea online sugar daddy... who never talks to me and just buy me stuff online

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