Hey if you’ve been wondering why I’ve been so quiet, you may not be following my current account @dan. Even if you think you are, it’s worth checking because when I stopped self-hosting, I also dorked up my follows/followers.

New post: Ruffled Feathers with @jessicadennis and Joe, who I can’t seem to find on Mastodon. nerd.is/ldb/ruffled

I realize re-following me may be a bit tedious, but if you added my new @dan account before this afternoon, my server relocation has reset everything. Don’t worry I’m no longer managing it myself. 🙃

All right, self-hosting was an interesting little adventure, but being a server admin is definitely not my calling. I’m back online at tusk.wtf thanks to Hugo at @mastohost

Well, it took me one week to hose my instance, so I’m back here until I get it fixed.

In the meantime, at least this error message made me laugh. First time in my life I’ve had any trouble tooting. mastodon.social/media/INiWnYvx

Well, I couldn’t resist. I’m now dan@tusk.wtf and running my own instance. I hope to hear from you all there.

@joesteel @mikahsargent If you had to summarize Unhelpful Suggestions with emoji, what would you use?

Hiya, new followers! I’ve got an easy request for you: Let’s make folks of all and no genders feel a little more seen, heard, and respected.

When you’ve got a sec, consider adding your pronouns to your Mastodon bio. 💛

@dmoren I just preordered The Bayern Agenda!

Is it March yet?

I've used Twitter for a long time (user 643,773), and I've tried a lot of alternatives over the years, but none of them felt like Mastodon does. This place feels fun and enriching, with a focus on people and conversations instead of growth and engagement.

Mastodon has its rough edges, of course, but none of them are dealbreakers, and I feel optimistic about things getting better, not worse, over time. I haven't been able to say that about anything in the social media sphere in a long time.

@NerdDotIs If you use iOS the @tootapp beta keeps your place; go sign up for that. Otherwise, no, not really.

Is there a trick to preventing my Mastodon client from going to the top of my feed on launch? I’d prefer to pick up where I left off.

I’m having serious flashbacks to 2006 with this dip into Mastodon. I’m very glad I don’t have to use it via SMS though.

I should say *consider* adding your pronouns to your bio.

No commandments from me. Well, other than, “Thou shalt act with empathy in all things.”


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