I really wish I could make my own clothing, hats, and shoes.

I think today I'd wear a version of Ted's jacket from Bogus Journey, but it has a green Mr. Yuck sticking its tounge out on my back. I might or might not keep the colors and I'd probably have a few patches of cool monsters or made up brand names of products that don't exist, like witches brooms and hover boards.

I'd have some kind of overalls made out of sweatpant material that's as close to the durability of jeans as I can get...


Lots of different colors on those overalls, perhaps rainbow straps. More patches of whatever I think is cool. Maybe rainbow strips along both legs.

I'd have big comfy boots that wear well in the rocks grass and mud outside but were designed to look like chuck taylors. Maybe pink and black instead if white and black, with a lipstick kiss logo where the chuck taylor logo would be.

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The plain yellow leather gloves I wear every day would be replaced by some leather gloves that looked like they were merchandise for a superhero of my own invention, maybe Poop Man: Stinky Crusader For Justice. His logo is a poop emoji and his costume is a variation of Batman's. Brown gauntlets, boots, trunks, cowl (no bat ears of course), and cape.

@Nerdcoresteve remind me to tell you the story of the swish ploop some day.

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