food, caffeine, girly girlishness 

Time for some irish tea in my horse-icorn mug.


With whole bunch of help from @potatoshoe, I made a bread. It was very tasty. 😋

selfie, eye contact 

Purple lipstick and just a bit of blue eye shadow.


Definitely not my best, but it's been a while. It feels so good to have painted nails again.

Oh yeah, I forgot to post my nails. I painted them by myself for the first time today.

Here are some I’m not sure about. A bunch of Tom Robbins books. I’ll read a few Chapters of a few of ‘em just to give ‘em a chance.

An old, probably boring and generic bio of Einstein, along with two William Burroughs bios. I find it hard to believe I’d be drawn again to any of those.

A collection of Libertarian Sci Fi stories. That’ll probably go into the bin.

Two old textbooks from the 90’s: one on philosophy of religion, the other on how to write short stories...

Terrible books from my checkered past 

Oh god, WTF was I thinking?

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Terrible books from my checkered past 

Oh shit I thought I’d gotten rid of this one already

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Terrible books from my checkered past 

<Australian Accent>Into the bin!</Australian Accent>

Swears, Ayn Rand 

Why the fuck do I still have these?!

<Australian Accent>Into the bin mate!</Australian Accent>

<OldTimeyNewsVoice>Ruffian Bucks Escape Their Pen To Menace Nearby Apple Tree</OldTimeyNewsVoice>

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