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I'm beginning to think programming was bad for my brain. I often feel energized and calm after a good writing session.

I've always loved The Wizard Of Oz since I was a little boy. Again, how did I not know I was pansexual?

Met my daily writing goal today. Hadn't done that in a while.

can anyone recommend a dentist in seattle that is nice to trans people

Gentle reminder that being "self-sufficient" and a "self-starter," and pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, and even just living on your own and expected to be able to do everything for yourself, is actually a highly unnatural state of affairs for human beings which only became the norm in a small number of countries less than a century ago.

you, refined and erudite: "look at that pretty bouquet!"πŸ’

me, crass and legally forbidden from speaking french: "ay, check out that romance salad!"πŸ’

Someone in Viik's #DnD group posted a "draw your character in lingerie" meme so, y'know, here you go.

Why The Trans Military Ban Should Matter To Everyone by Steve Shives

Steve Shives is a good

uspol, 2020 primaries 

anyone: h
kamala harris: how much do I love medicare for all? more than anything
kamala harris: anything except tax cuts, that is
kamala harris: also I’m having second thoughts about that medicare for all thing

I tried googling how to migrate a mastodon account and couldn't find anything useful. Is there a standard resource/tutorial out there?

Hey everyone! I don't usually make posts like this but my girlfriend recently got disowned by her family after coming out as trans. She's trying to raise money to move out to Arizona with me but unfortunately she's struggling to get a job due to depression. If you could do anything at all to help, please donate at

Scientist said I could use their time machine, but only if it was something that wouldn't effect the timeline. At least I got to yell at the person who decided on the spelling of "phoenix."

Dystopia is a white people word that means β€œwhat if all that shit happened TO US?!?”

Good on China for getting a rover to the moon! The article I read talked about the cost, but I can't imagine the cost is that much compared to other expenditures. Also, space programs tend to pay for themselves in the long run because they're essentially R&D for tech that gets used in the private sector.

I wish we could have an international space program where we all work together to make things like moon and mars bases and orbital solar panels.

England: we still have monarchs

everyone: that's bad

England: oh no, it's not like that! they don't have any real power, they're just a family whose lavish responsibility-free life our taxpayers fund due to nothing more than their bloodline

everyone: in some ways I think that's even worse?

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