@pythonhub TDD is getting more and more popular. Obviously doesn't work best for all teams, but totally helps lower number of shipped bugs.

Any looking for a better experience than or ? offers fully managed at extremely affordable prices and comes with tons of goodies like , , and premium in-house support! Https://EvergreenTech.io

So, since I don't have usable mass storage or most of my software until this partition move/resize completes, how's about some iZombie.

Wish everyone would join this one! AND tell Farcebook to take a long walk on a short pier!

@baumergrl congrats! Linux is a way of life. What flavor did you choose? Ubuntu is usually the most friendly to new nix peoples

@baumergrl one is weworkremotely.com and the other is remoteok.io. I've never used any of these, but let me know if you have any success, I hope it helps!

@baumergrl that's no good. Well I hope your next gig goes smoother. I know of a couple remote work websites I've bookmarked over the years. If you're interested I can send them your way.

@baumergrl I'm sorry to hear that. What was the gig and what happened?

@__DarkBlue haha I hear ya there. I think I'm in a similar situation. Two young kids and a wife, never enough time for side projects 😂

@__DarkBlue oh cool, I use perl, PHP, and JS at my day job. I've been using some really cool JS frameworks in my side projects such as node and react. I'd probably pick JavaScript or PHP. Do you have any side projects? I checked your website, looks nice

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