… Finally got all my video from the Justice show up <3 (flashing lights warning)

I liked a video Complex Doom - Dusted's Addon Update (v1.6)

I liked a video Justice Live Melbourne (1/03/2018)

giant/tiny things 

Thing I've noticed of late: Whereas previously I've enjoyed being small more, and still do...

I'm /really/ enjoying being a gentle giant for other micros more. It's cute. And having micros enjoy living on my body is super sweet. <3

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Perks of having a low-level kobold mage friend: The DC to resist anything you don't want is trivial, but said kobold is *awfully* good at finding things you don't realize you want until the magic starts working.

Oh. Well if this is happening I guess I will say.

If Twitter bans me for any reason, I am not coming back. It'll absolutely fucking suck but they've made their stance clear.

Instead I'll be on Mastodon:
Or Discord: Neu#1909
Or Telegram: Lilydeer

I think I should make a second Mastodon account somewhere for lewder posts. Is there a furry instance about that's allowing for more NSFW posts? (Knowing that I'll be limiting post privacy for most things, of course)

I liked a video Home Assistant & NodeRED - The series preview

The best meme is one that doesn't happen.

(I guess it's a lie, I enjoy some memes, but I enjoy subverting expectations)

Only been up for an hour and I'm already pissed

I don't want pets if I ever move out

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There's a fucking litterbox opposite my room why would you come into my room just to PEE ON MY STUFF IN FRONT OF ME

I was getting comfortable with having my door open all the time too... ;_;

Just came back from the pool, getting fish and chips for everyone now

Good morning! We had a power outage here, so my night came to an end rather suddenly.

Things are up and running again now!

I liked a video Dan has an accident

I made it home, I'm OK, now I can chill

I don’t feel entirely here at the moment. Which sucks, because I’m out in the Marketplace and I’ll have to drive home soon

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