Draußen wird es wärmer. In anderen Worten: Die Spinnen kommen überall raus.

It is getting warmer outside. In other words: Spiders are appearing everywhere.

Ich habe mir Nausicaä - Prinzessin aus dem Tal der Winde angeschaut. Es ist ein schöner . Ich hätte gerne gewusst wie es mit den anderen Charakteren steht und was dannach passiert. Was ich gewünscht hätte ist dass mehr mit dem Untergrund gemacht worden wäre.

I've watched Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and it's a beautiful . I would like to know about the situation after the ending. Also I would have liked to see more involvement of the underground.

Ich habe bemerkt dass Breath of the Wild diese Wächter eventuell vom Film "Das Schoss im Himmel" inspiriert sind. Übrigens ein sehr schöner Film.

I noticed that Zelda BOTW could have taken inspiration for the guards from the movie "Laputa: Castle in the Sky". By the way it's a very nice movie.


Rain: *destroys image quality, introduces compression artifacts*

You know when a youtube video is old when they talk about video responses.

"This is written in <fantasy language>, but to make it easy for you we've translated it into german" *shows translation in japanese*

got now live streaming support. And someone is streaming grocery shopping and has 20k viewers. Why.

I just beat HD. It's a great game. Very touching ending. Would recommend playing.

"Let me explain it to you before you die" (in a show)

Not only is this rather an cliché, but also unnecessary, explaining it to someone only to forget about it, especially after keeping it secret for so long. What if the person escapes and can "share" that secret?

I tried to turn on a light.

The light bulb died.

Why does this always happen to me?

"Premium EU Ad-Free Subscription"

What a name, compared to the sites other subscription which is called "Basic Subscription", which still includes tracking and ads.

Hmm.. I logged in to HumbleBundle to get that free game. I then noticed that you can download your library as torrents.

A sleeping Pokémon can:

∙ block attacks
∙ call for another Pokémon

I fell a bit being cheated here.

I just saw a bird flying multiple times around a pico-forest (~10 trees) of the neighbour.

I am sitting outside, doing some work and then suddenly I see a real life mouse next to me, looking at me with big eyes.

As soon as I moved the mouse ran away into a dense (and not very lighten up) part of the garden of where it probably came from.

One reason I don't like summer: Spiders everywhere.


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