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@NintendoAmerica@twitter.com "What inspired you to make a second online offer?"

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@NintendoAmerica@twitter.com HEY GENIUS YOU SPELLED PAC MAN WRONG

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maybe in another life, they could be friends, things could be different

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People are going on about William Shatner and his space exploration. I am so conflicted. I love the character of Kirk. But I despise that taking a celebrity in to space causes so much pollution.

Heading home and had a random playlist on. Dr Mario chill came on.

No way I’m NOT listening to that. Wind the windows down and get everyone else to listen too. Lol.

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Holy crap. Facebook/WhatsApp/Instagram is down. DO NOT come to the Apple store. We cannot help you.

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I’m wondering is the next Smash Bros character will be Sakurai himself.

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Yes, I WILL give you your money back in full if I find out you're actively trying to ruin the lives of minorities. Beware!!! Halloween came early πŸŽƒ twitter.com/Krieg_Blackpaw/sta

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Omg. A Dangerfield dress. That doesn’t have pockets.

To the creators of Mech Arena.

All I want to do is jump in to a game and customise my name.

So far I have had to get a basic how to move/shoot

How to buy and equip mechs/weapons.

Then you want me in quick battle.

Time to delete :-D

So. There is a Mario movie coming. Going to put this out there for all animation studios.


Omg. I forgot the feeling of freshly shaved/epilated legs.


Honestly. Hoping that other engines will come up to the plate so that we can get rid of Epic. Have something better for developers.

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