Happy Summer Solstice to the Northern Hemisphere, happy Winter Solstice to the Southern Hemisphere, officially starting a few minutes ago at 0854PDT/1554UTC.

"Can... Um. I'd like to borrow this, please."
The librarian looked at the sword, and the girl holding it.
"That's strictly for secondary world use."
"I... Yes. Um. I know."
"Good. Will you need fencing manuals, or will a master train you?"
"I don't... Books, please?"
"Of course."

The engineering of the giant dragonflies of the Permian: revised body mass, power, air supply, thermoregulation and the role of air density

It looks like Meganeura monyi, with a mass of 150 g, would have flapped its wings at 3 Hz, which means it'd look more like a bird than an insect. It would also have a whole lot of thermoregulation issues even without flight; just rejecting solar heat.

It's surprisingly hard to open 30 files in Excel at the same time when that's your actual goal.


ya feelin' lucky, punk? Well, are ya? *hands you a fortune cookie*

US (presidential&space) pol ~ 

Remember kids, the best payload for an SSTO is a second stage

Aisle 8865, Shelf 7, Object AA:79:62:CB:F4:D9

A cardboard box with "ACME INFLATABLE BLACK HOLE" stenciled on the side. It is empty, except for a few spiders.

Re: Question for transit wonks 

Question for transit wonks 

@jordyd The abbreviation UTC is actually a compromise between Cat Universal Time and Temps Universel Chat

I just updated WadSmoosh, a tool that allows you to merge all the retail Doom content into a single (PK3) WAD file, to include SIGIL support: jp.itch.io/wadsmoosh

LB: Yes, I'm an academic. Use libgen, use sci-hub. If a paper is open-access, then by all means get it through a normal source, but that's not always an option. (Also, I have some institutional access, so sometimes can haz pdf)

Hey, if you're in school and are having trouble paying for your textbooks, search them up on libgen.io to find them for free.

I'm realizing that a lot of people at my college don't know this and are skipping meals to afford overpriced textbooks, so it may help someone on here too. #sharingiscaring

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