COVID vaccine, false side effects, be ready for this news

"Specifically, if you take 10 million people and just wave your hand back and forth over their upper arms, in the next two months you would expect to see about 4,000 heart attacks. About 4,000 strokes. Over 9,000 new diagnoses of cancer. And about 14,000 of that ten million will die, out of usual all-causes mortality. No one would notice. That’s now many people die and get sick anyway.

But if you took those ten million people and gave them a new vaccine instead, there’s a real danger that those heart attacks, cancer diagnoses, and deaths will be attributed to the vaccine. I mean, if you reach a large enough population, you are literally going to have cases where someone gets the vaccine and drops dead the next day (just as they would have if they *didn’t* get the vaccine)."

The company that makes the default Ubuntu using Gnome is called "Canonical".

Who the heck called Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu Mate and etc "Ubuntu flavors" instead of "Ubuntu headcanons"?


genderswap curse, but it's your gender constantly swapping to disk because your presentation used up all the ram

OH: "Someone decided to fly a telescope called the James Webb Telescope"

(on cycle 1 proposals being due today)

Does AmTrak count as a gadgetbahn?

(Those HSR maps that get passed around occasionally probably do)

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I'm not usually big on putting myself out there visually but would there be interest in a YT channel or IG feed about inexpensive, nutritious, simple meals to make -- specifically geared toward trans or even lgbtiqa+ youth who weren't necessarily taught even the basics of boiling water and done in a non-judgemental way?

I feel like this is something I could do as I pretty much had to teach myself to cook when I moved out and I've gotten good at it but I remember how daunting even lighting the gas stove was.

USA university admissions systems are all like this and it's incredibly funny. they're making people do a shitload of work to basically get coin flip level data.

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#GitHub reinstated #YouTubeDL, is changing their #DMCA 1201 response practice to involve technical review first, and set up a $1million fund to help defend against future DMCA abuses:

It doesn't absolve Microsoft and GitHub of everything, but appreciating when something good is done, is, well, good.

COVID-19 +? 

There's something surreal about seeing a KN95 mask vendor talking about how you should look at their CDC test results as proof that they're good.

(The results exist and are good, but also the CDC has a bunch of disclaimers about how KN95 isn't N95, and these masks are not NIOSH approved)

Also, you can just buy KN95s on Amazon now. And they have reasonable delivery dates!

i don't like when radioactive materials are just like, a piece of metal that is warm and likes killing. i can accept yellow powders doing weird stuff, i can accept ominous contaminated air and water and doing weird stuff, honestly when it glows blue i appreciate that the most because it's very upfront. but a funny metal ball shouldn't be able to just do stuff without the politeness of glowing first

research nonse 

*flips sign*

Zero [0] days since last waving back at A. A. Elbakyan

$ git switch -c m@ster
Switched to a new branch 'm@ster'

what could possibly go wrong

I think it would be cool if churches displayed statues of biblically accurate angels

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