As an expat living in Canada, the more I live here, the more I'm convinced I'm actually stuck in some kind of cryptic horror nightmare country that's subtly and slowly eating away at me.

remember when you're commenting code that "someone else" also includes "you six months from now"

overheard at work:
You have to dissociate and reassociate to get it to work


Somewhat abstract violence 

...what's with the mechname meme, and should I dig up some thermodynamic silliness for it? (isochoric expander, isothermal heater, etc)

positionists, velocitarians, accelerationists, and jerks

US Healthcare, Open Enrollment 

someone: are there particles of heat?

high school physics student: hahahahahahahaha no lol

physics grad student: yes, they're called phonons, and they're the WORST

The ' Ask for PDFs' facebook group made a super useful flowchart to finding articles and books for free.

"Think of how far those photons traveled to get here. It'd be a shame if they were reflected off of a closed dome!" -- my advisor asking for more people to use the campus telescope for TESS followups.

Did you know that about 90% of a cat’s body weight consists of love? The remaining 10% consists of fur, claws, teeth, and hatred against this mortal plane! :3

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