@FirstProgenitor There are some caveats, though (needing to find a brand that works well, and needing a surprisingly large amount. Plus possibly reapplying during the day depending on weather and skin dryness)

friendly reminder, as its getting colder: use lotion!!! all over ur body!! especially after u shower!!

Update from LeoLabs this morning shows that Parus 64 is also intact, so there is now confirmation that no collision took place yesterday.

However, the radar data allowed for updated orbits and running that backwards showed Parus 64 and CZ-4C R/B came within 11 meters of each other, about the length of a telephone pole, roughly 0.00075 seconds apart from occupying the same space.

massless transit

(WMATA metrorail is down to 4 trains per hour on several lines, so those may well have less capacity than the various highways. And the buses have never run at the β‰₯5 per hour needed to match the car capacity of a typical suburban street...)

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Seeing the possible satellite collision on october 16, and pondering how the timescales for kessler syndrome and climate change seem similar


Who is Murasaki, and why does she look exactly like Yukari?

(The context is me getting tripped up by how Touhou uses kanji in very chuuni ways)

It's actually inaccurate to call it thermal*take* as it's simply moving heat from one place to another. Heat energy can't be destroyed hey where are you going

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conduction, convection, radiation, melting, and evaporation can all be hot takes

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Can we replace fox and friends with hololive? (notably any stream that includes fubuki)

Tired: october surprise
Wired: surprise october (what, you thought it was march?)

Question: What general instances are good to recommend people leaving mastodon.social these days? Wandering.shop and cybre.space are both closed which have been my default recommendations for a long time.

(Boosts OK)

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"The amount of irony in the fact that a file format originally created to describe non-physical objects and spaces is now being used to create physical objects is left for the reader to determine. "

The controls of the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory Baker Nunn telescope.

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