Death looked at the chess board, and his fallen king.
"Ah. I should have guarded that better."
The cat shifted its paw slightly, and slowly, without breaking eye contact, pushed the piece over the edge.
"I will see you another time."
The cat yawned, flicked its tail, and left.


𒌑𒉀𒂵𒄷𒁾𒁀 uga{mušen} dub-ba « the tablet raven »

Happy asteroid day!

On 1908-06-30, an asteroid largely failed at its job, and flattened a nigh-uninhabited portion of Siberia

Making up a guy to get mad at 

Guy who complains about American exceptionalism, but when asked about how his country dealt with $problem goes, "lol, that's a US thing"

it should be illegal to post real estate listings without a floorplan

Alt und langweilig: Astronautin verkleidet sich in Star Trek-Manier auf der ISS.

Neu und aufregend: Astronautin stellt auf der ISS das Bild eines SciFi-Films nach, in dem es um eine Astronautin auf der ISS geht. 🤯

Well done, Samantha Cristoforetti!

Carcinogens are substances that promote evolving into a crab

Here's a decent Science article about the impending start of the third of the LHC's five planned particle-physics-search runs. It has a lot of tantalizing (if you are on the side of misery and dispair) speculation the "Desert Scenario" has begun, but then it admits three solid candidates for finding new physics in the next LHC run after an entire article of saying the LHC has no chance to find new physics.

Achievement unlocked: confused someone despite using ISO 8601-style dates

it's legal for you to build an outdoor shrine, put a fumo inside, and install it somewhere. leave some candles and flowers every so often. you can turn a fumo into a local god

ohai there, did you know you can skip all of youtube's fucking bullshit and just download the actual video files to your computer and do whatever the fuck you want with them like, put 'em in a folder! for later! or maybe you hate the youtube algorithm tracking your every interaction!

WHATEVER YOUR REASON, here's a real quick guide to basic usage of the yt-dlp tool, which is a command-line software that can download NOT ONLY from youtube but a whole BUNCH of website type things where videos play


Remember to always sacrifice an anode to Ferris before compiling your Rust code

Complaining about Google 

You know how people get promotions for writing new chat apps there? I'm starting to suspect that the same is true for reskinning/refreshing the default alarm/timer app on Android.

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