*the sound keeps getting higher*

me: *ominously* the quist is nigh

pros of my commit messages: they're all meaningful.
cons of my commit messages: sometimes they're things like "This LaTeX file actually compiles now"

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[Nate Silver voice] "WAR. WAR never changes."


Theseus class ships are notable for their high maintainability, resulting in enormously long service lives...

Scientists have long pondered the existence of alien life, and why we can't find it.

Taking a famous example: if there exists intelligent life in the galaxy, and it's respiration produces carbon dioxide, why isn't the galaxy fluffy like bread? This conjecture is known as the "Ferment Paradox".

math, violence 

Slowly becoming convinced that the most fun parts of trig involve finding firing solutions

astronomers naming things 

MAROON-X: Magellan Advanced Radial velocity Observer Of Neighboring eXoplanets

After being built, MAROON-X was installed on the Gemini-North telescope in (Hawaii), rather than either of the Magellan telescopes (in Chile)

Pondering what pride flags have colors that would work well for plots. Probably both the non-binary and trans ones, though the default rainbow is sadly out. Not sure about the bisexuality one. The lesbian should work as a gradient...

subtooting rainbow capitalism discourse 

So I saw one of those pride-themed logos for Shinra corp, and am reminded that Advent Children accidentally resulted in a lot of moral ambiguity in terms of destroying Shinra.

Like, a lot of the city wasn't in that great shape, but more importantly the power was explicitly replaced with fossil fuels. (Barrett talks with excitement about finding an oilfield)

there's no actual point to this comic, it's just a conversation i had with my parents circa 2000

Idea for a D&D villain: the mysterious head of a villainous thieves guild, known only as "The Chairman".

He is a mimic in the shape of a big armchair.


Put your p-values in a hydraulic press to ensure that they're less than 0.05

NASA's next Discovery program selection is 2 Venus missions:


As I was waking up, I heard a crow making noise, and then more crows joined in making the same noise.

Is that how caw and response works?


Why say that you're just vibing when you can talk about emitting phonons?

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