If you want to keep up on the raw images coming back from Mars Perseverance, here you go. (It's very sparse at the moment but will fill up in the upcoming days (and hopefully, years.)


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language learning oddness 

Playing around with JLPT N5 practice tests (jlpt.jp/e/samples/forlearners.) is surreal. Actually reading the instructions is pretty difficult, but at the same time, they assume basically no kanji knowledge.

please consider the image used on the wikipedia page for Sock Puppet Account

Language silliness 

This also applies to Duo covering lots of "day to day" things when I often encounter technical terms, and somewhat uncomfortably, ship names

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Language silliness 

How do I explain to Duo that it would be more useful for me to learn terms like eg: ι­” than コンビニ?

"Time travel is possible?"
"The arguments against are history immutability-"
"Refuted by the multi-timeline theory."
"And the E=mcΒ² energy cost of removing a person-"
"Paid by removing the same mass from the past."
"Which is why you are buried up to your neck in my lawn."

"The thermosphere is uninhabited with the exception of the International Space Station"

COVID-19, US policy 

The primary reasons not to use N95s involve lack of access to them vs equivalent masks of a different type (eg: KN95, KF94, FFP2), or it's practical for you to have something fancier (eg: P100, MSA millennium)

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US Health Insurance PSA 

Biden just signed an executive order opening a special enrollment period on healthcare.gov. Starting Feb 15th and running until May 15th you can sign up for coverage without needing to prove that you lost previous coverage due to a qualifying life event. So if you need coverage, mark your calendar.

COVID-19, US policy 

Ignore the [US] CDC official recommendations, but follow their data

Or perhaps more accurately, check out their guidelines for N95 usage in healthcare and industrial settings, with a handful adjustments? I should put together a bunch of links on mask usage papers and guidelines

political nonse 

No, you want the other kind of accelerationist. I just mean that my religion involves building this arxiv.org/abs/1704.04469

You could probably apply the "how is started/how it's going" meme to two completely arbitrary images

The Linux userbase is very divided between Ubuntu, it's Debian friends, and it's Arch enemies.

Slowly realizing that if I had a proper sci-comm account I could do a running series of "astronomers naming things" with a hashtag and a link to arχiv papers that use silly acronyms in the title and/or abstract

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