Oh yeah, that’s right, this is still here.
(Every now and then I get an email notification, and hey, it still works!)

Unexpected downside of attending from home: started tinkering with my home router config, totally broke it doing an openwrt update, missed several talks restoring it! 🤦‍♂️

Got some email reminding me I had a mastodon account :)

The average number of skeletons in a body is greater than 1

A lazy Sunday morning in GLORIOUS SYDNEY, checking out Curl Curl, Manly Beach, North Head, the Manly Ferries, the Harbour Bridge, Opera House, South Head, Bondi, Clovelly Beach. I will never stop being astonished that something this much fun is legal. photos.app.goo.gl/hMKXCYdF2dhL

Holy shit police caught a guy who blew 0.363 at 11:00am.

elevating the discourse by opening mastodon on my phone and just fucking launching it into the air

From birdsite 

RT @MeCookieMonster@twitter.com
Me: Eats cookie.

Me brain:
Don’t say it
Don’t say it
Don’t say it
Don’t say it
Don’t say it


One of the ways rural fire services find out about fires is when pilots call them in to ATC. That’s what I did this morning, when I saw smoke rising from the eastern slopes of Mt Bindo about 20km ENE of Oberon.

Could see what looked like flames from 6500’. As I circled, I could spot what might have been an RFS unit a few hundred metres downslope, so maybe they were already on it. ATC had my position from ADS-B anyway, and called it in.

It was still burning in the afternoon.

In American buildings: ground floor level is marked with a star, and level 1 is the bottom floor. For some reason, this building, which doesn’t have a basement, has a G floor?

Copied from birdsite:
Wedderburn for breakfast. Wollongong for morning tea. Back to Bankstown in time for lunch. Formation landing, formation takeoff, a bit of break-and-rejoin practice, in the lead and on wing. All done before the weather arrives.

So Mrs Jimbob ordered a box of second-hand toddler clothes on EBay and they all still have the shop tags on them and I think we have unwittingly become involved in

:sm64_c: :sm64_r: :sm64_i: :sm64_m: :sm64_e:

@BernieTB all toddlers, or kids under 8, wake up with the sun because we spend our every effort from their birth trying to convince them when it's dark they sleep, so they infer the opposite.

Oh no it's gonna beep a lot now for the remaining hour isn't it

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I think our NBN battery backup just did the scream of death though.

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