Wow, fuck the people making Bloodstaines: Symphony of the Night. They ran a kickstarter campaign with confirmed support for Mac and Linux and now they're saying "Nah, fuck you guys lol".

No offers of refunds for the victims of a bait & switch, only the choice to choose a different platform. This is the kind of bad dev shit that gives Kickstarters a bad name.

Don't trust anything put out by 505 Games.

@Nezchan unbelievable. and they're keeping the ps4 version around, which is just a slightly weird BSD machine anyway.

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@lifning From what I can see, they've gone in the feature creep direction, widened the scope and now they're panicking because deadlines are coming up.

iga's feature creep 🤝 radiohead - creep
"you don't belong in this world"

@Nezchan didn’t this happen with the WiiU version as well? This is a very bad look

@Nezchan Urgh not this shit again.

If it was any other platform there'd be so much more uproar about it


There are literally backers in the comments going "there's still going to be a game so that's better than nothing."

Except if you don't have the other platforms it's literally nothing.

@Nezchan 'I know they promised a PS4 version, but just buy an Xbox! Stop being entitled'

@Nezchan damnit. I've been really looking forward to this game. but that is some shady shit.

@Nezchan They really should have offered refunds. That's a good way to alienate a chunk of their funders.

I didn't throw any money at it, but I was interested in it. Now, if it reviews well and runs well under WINE, then I'll buy it when it's heavily discounted on GOG (or some other DRM-free storefront).

Otherwise, after this and them screwing over people that wanted DRM-free versions of "Curse of the Moon", I don't blame anyone for completely avoiding them and their games.

@Nezchan I'm fucking mad too. This is exactly why I kickstartered it... like five years ago or something.


Well, you're now on the third or fourth platform they've decided to drop. Although at least Vita and Wii U had decent reasons.

@Nezchan what the FUCK kinda middleware problem could they possibly have getting Unreal 4 working on Linux. *flips a table*


The popular guess is DRM.

Second is they ended up behind schedule and just grabbed whatever third-party solution looked good, and now they don't know how to make it work outside of Windows.

@Nezchan If it's DRM, they're murdering themselves. Slitting their own throats.


Remember that the spinoff game was suggested to be on GoG, but then they turned around and said oh, that was a miscommunication. It was never supposed to be there.

I'll grant that 505 weren't directly involved with the spinoff, but this is the level of competence surrounding the whole project in general.


They're still claiming it'll be on GoG, but we'll see. They haven't really shown themselved to be all that trustworthy.

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@Nezchan It's unfortunate that this has happened enough that I don't trust any publisher who doesn't have a Linux version that I can buy later.

Sorry, but I've seen enough "we're going to support Linux / no we're not" so just sit on my money until there's something worth purchasing.

Sad that this is yet another example of such recklessness from a publisher.

@craigmaloney @Nezchan Suddenly reminded that I bought Paper Sorcerer a few months ago, knowing they had a Linux version for YEARS, only to find it all but vanished from everywhere. And that I wasn't just imagining things upon further investigation.

Needless to say, Ultra Runway can get smegged if they ever release another game.


I've got an extremely small games budget (read: I shouldn't be buying games at all), so I tend to be very, very careful about what I do buy. That means games that I know for sure will not only run on my system, but are things that I would have fun with to boot.

That leaves me no longer willing to take part in Kickstarters, at least until I'm more flush again. In development stuff...sometimes that's okay. I bought Dicey Dungeons for Xmas and they seem like a good risk.

@Nezchan It's reasons like this that I only pledge as much money as I am willing to lose. Essentially, I'm gambling on a project to meet its goals, and they have high stakes. So I usually pledge $1 or $2.


For the most part, yeah. Not that I can afford to go buying Windows games that I'm not 110% sure will run right now or anything.

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