I post a comment or question on...

birbsite: eerie silence, then a marketing bot follows me.

fediverse: fourfteen badillion replies that are all well thought out and interesting and oh god now I have to reply and I'm in seven conversations halp oops I made new friends


@andyAstruc I was thinking about that earlier today. I get responses to comments, answers to questions, a boatload of boosts and favs, and my site gets views.

On Birbsite, even after 10 years, I'm still just shouting into the void. most of the time.


@Nezchan Heck, on other sites I can barely get my existing family and friends to pay attention to me or my work. This is all just so... warm.

The Book of Kels

@andyAstruc I'll be honest, I think the group timeline is a big part of that. People see you, even if they're not following you, plus there's a culture of helping each other out and just generally chatting with strangers.

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