@illunaminetest Oooh, I like your greenhouse setup. What are you using for light, that you can set it that far from the plants and still get good results? When I was building an undersea base, I was using mese lamps and ended up with an arrangement like this.


@Nezchan Hi, we have hidden lightsources like superglowglass in the ground - many of the plants should grow with this setup - it needs to be as bright as possible. scifi_nodes:lightbar is used in the air. Also many kinds of material we built the castle with are glowing and it's supposed to show up available plants only, so most of them are placed in creative mode. Also you really should consider updating your Minetest. 😉
Regards, @milan

@illunaminetest @milan That last bit was uncalled for since I'm using the current version of Minetest.

And I wasn't aware that plants would grow with superglowglass, my original experiments weren't hopeful. But they were further away so next time I'll try with a dirt-on-superglowglass-on-water arrangement, see if it works. That'll save me a lot of mese.

@Nezchan i am sorry, it's just that your screenshot was branded with .14 😕

@illunaminetest Yes, and as I said, it's from the past when I was experimenting with growing plants away from sufficient sunlight (in this case about 14 or 15 blocks under water). I haven't done so recently and was interested in seeing how your greenhouse setup worked.

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@Nezchan okey, in this case i have to sorry once again as i read your message wrong.

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