I would love to see a SF farming sim, maybe where you're part of a lost colony on another world maybe.

So a setup something like Rimworld maybe, but with a Stardew Valley aesthetic. Different sorts of crops, more need to establish protection against the local life forms, need to research and experiment with gathered plants and the like. I'd definitely play something like that.

@Nezchan I'm currently making a cute sci-fi farming sim with a focus on permaculture and exploration. :D

@Fiona Ooh, you thinking about releasing on Linux? I'd love to try it.

@Nezchan I'm a Linux user so it will at least get Linux/win/osx releases :) the last game I released only had Linux and Windows sooo!

@Nezchan Anders Sandberg has something like that in his Eclipse Phase game.

Infomorphs are basically playing Farmville to control the nanotech growing a space habitat. When the hab's done, they'll have the option to get sleeved into bodies and live there.

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