The Buddha, a quasi-mythical figure, said to only live in the present and reject expectations of what is to come.

However, Fleetwood Mac, a group of similarly quasi-mythical figures, told me to not stop thinkin' about tomorrow.

Who am I to believe?

@Nezchan Well thanks to this toot one of them is playing on repeat in my head now, and will be for hours, and the other is not ...

That doesn't actually help with making an informed choice, but it does make me super annoyed with one of them.

@minego A DJ friend used the riff from Looking Out For Love in a mix once and I spent WEEKS trying to remember where it came from, since it had no context.

Don't believe anyone. Find out for yourself. (Although The Buddha said that - are we to believe him?) ;)


I dunno, he seems kinda shady.

Someone told me to kill him if I ran into him on the street, and nobody's ever told me to kill Lindsay Buckingham!

The Beatles, yet another quasi-mythical group of figures, would suggest you believe... in yesterday.


So does that suggest there's no independent proof of yesterday?

That casts the history department in a whole new light.

@Nezchan @phooky is this what they mean when they say "making history"🤔 lots to think about

@Nezchan Tomorrow had to think about yesterday in order to write the song. Who knows what is real. Yes, this is a segue to the Beatles

@nezchan according to Journey at least Don't stop believing ;-)

@Nezchan You can do both. You plan for tomorrow but live in the present ideally. Most people are rather absent than present though.

@Nezchan both, and when you have done that, you will have achieved the Bhudda Mac nature (which is kind of like the Cheesy Mac nature, but with more serenity).

@Nezchan yes, but it degrades rapidly when it's kept in that little foil packet for more than a few days (give it a try - have someone duct tape you into one of those foil space blankets for a couple of weeks and see how serene you are when it's over). That's why for Bhudda Mac you need to grate fresh yak cheddar and use it immediately.


I bet the cheap knockoff version uses ennui instead of serenity in their formula. Sure, it lasts longer, but it's nowhere near as nutritious.

@Nezchan the ennui-based knockoff doesn't actually last longer, it just seems that way.

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