"Hi, I like your profile! Opportunity-growth-challenge-career-blah-blah, let's talk for 15 minutes on the phone. If you're *not* interested, let's talk for 15 minutes on the phone anyway."

Really? I understand that to an average recruiter "talking on the phone for 15 minutes" is a kind of noncommittal activity one can do without as much as waking up. When will they learn that to an average engineer it's something they hate with all their guts?

Learn about your customers, assholes!


@isagalaev I definitely wouldn't give some rando 15m of my time if I wasn't interested in working with them. If I gave every spammer 15m I'd have no time left in the day.

However, if I am interested, 15m is nothing to get the ball rolling, so I don't see the big deal there.

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