"#140 Political Hack And Slash 21 with Dominique Remy"

@EclecticRadical & I spoke with
@canaryfilmmaker about her documentary "Canary", about high maternal mortality rates in the US, particularly among WOC, COVID-19, & the Primaries.

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Im on here, Im an indeendent media creator & Bernie guy & a Lefty. The main reason I dont use this much is because theres so little activity.

So, follow back & do some activity maybe.

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I love the idea that Andrew Yang's socmed team is spending so much time here while his rating has sunk to even below Cory Booker's

I have a pretty amazing policy idea: (I know, Im very smart😜)

The American Horse Corps

• Address climate change, implement FJG, paid via MMT.

• Responsible for restoring habitat, planting trees, & other plants, migratory ruminant herding +++

• Sequester carbon

• Horses!

• Its not the Defense Department, its a War Department.

• Its not a Savings & Loan, its a Thievery & Fraud.

• Its not the News, its the corporate Propaganda.

• Its not the Justice Department, its the Injustice Department.

• Its not Social Media, its Social Manipulation.

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#Bernie Sanders: Not me, us!
Oh except book sales; that's all me


My interview this morning with the Godfather of the movement which is now the movement for 2020.

If the only thing Joe Rogan ever did in his life, was to get Bernie Sanders elected president, it would be a life well lived.

twitter.com/nialelkim/status/1 A link to my tweet on a new Reddit sub for lefty antiestablishment tulsi Bernie supporters.

Emma Vigeland @EmmaVigeland

- Went to a high school that cost over $40k per year

- Interned for Kirsten Gillibrand

- Was hired by TYT after they got millions from the Clinton political network

- I'm sure this has nothing to do with her smearing Tulsi

My trust in government depends on the part of government.

• Overall I trust the avg American who isnt in the 1%, Bernie, Tulsi, & unbought progressive candidates.

• US "intelligence"? A pile of dog poop.

• US law? A boot with holes in the sole.

• Congress? Cockroaches in the pantry.

"382 days — how long it took Barack @BarackObama to reach one million donors in 2008.

245 days — how long it took @BernieSanders's campaign to reach one million donors in 2015.

223 days or less — how long we want it to take to reach one million donors for our campaign this year."

@taniapdx on Twitter

When athiests own buildings in every town, with big signs & daycare, dedicated to preaching thier ideology & spreading thier message, you'll have me believing athiests are equivalent to major religions. (There are more arhiests/agnostics than any religious group).

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*neoliberal voice* if I were a scientist I would simply break the second law of thermodynamics and pay the resulting fine

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*neoliberal voice* I'm confident that there will be heat-deleting technologies widely available within the next five years, there's no need to change our behavior now

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