I just love Skittles like I would never tell anyone that.
If you was to ask me what my fav candy was I'll say twix or milkeyways BUT SKITTLES. OMG that's my hidden fav candy ong

if anyone hasn't told you this today. I want you to know that i luv ya. even if idk you. your still loved by moi ✨💙💜

hey guys! Currently watching south park... its- yeah

just made me a omelette. it's 10:25 pm😔✋. a girl wants what she wants😌🥲 don judge me ahaha

is it just me or do you actually enjoy cleaning up bc like I love organizing my room and redecorating it. 🙃 it makes me feel at peace with my life haha.

no? just me? okay.

oh mah gosh. my dog just farted 😭😭. this is a prime example as to never get a dog.

tbh can we have that lowkey flirty type of relationship? 📢❗❗💁‍♀️🤭👂

guys. I actually need friends 🤣🤣. It's not like I don't have any, but it's like damn, I see the same mfs almost everyday. ts gets old😖🤙🙃

honestly no matter how hard life gets, you will never🙅‍♀️ catch me chasing after no man for their loving. 🙅‍♀️ If I have to chase after you it isn't worth it. and besides why run after someone while you could just sit and look pretty💁‍♀️🤷‍♀️😍🤍🤪. No but frl, chasing after people isn't what anyone should be doing.

💁‍♀️ive had my fair share of people who manipulated situations but, I learned from the best. 💙🤍 my dad told me to never🙅‍♀️ settle for less or you'll come back 🏃‍♀️with a test....as I'm using context clues I feel like he is referring to how he settle less with my mom and end up having me🙎‍♀️😂. she looked him dead in the face and said " sir, you came in through MY window, asked me to sneak out to your house and that's how we end up having her"


Moral of the story is money > good sex > love> everything else.
Don't mess with this order.

I hate if we are arguing and you decide to pull the " that's why u ugly" card. like nah I'm not, I can pull both girls and boys and you can't even pull out the driveway yet. please shutup🥱🥴

hey guys so I just found out that the world doesn't revolve around me😖🤳🏻. Yes shocking right?😓

ig I'll be fine. 🥲😞✋💙🥴

did I just buy a ticket to go to universal studios? yes, yes I did

girls be crying over a dude bc he hasn't responded to their text. 🥱 Girl, he is on a 3rd grade reading level, he isn't ignoring your text, he is sounding it out. You will be okay. 😪😖😄🤟

how does it feel to be a bad bitch?

good asf. ty for asking 🤞😎💙

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