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💙~heyyyy!~ 💙
✨sooo welcome to my page, if your viewing you should follow ✨
🤨If you are looking for rules or anything on here, there aren't any. 🤨
🥰I'm bisexual and love myself so much! 🥰
🥺Right now I'm currently single so likeee yeah🥺
✈️I lived in California, then moved to Texas and now I'm in Oklahoma✈️
🙋‍♀️I love making new friends, so if you want to be friends, don't be scared to say hey!!🙋‍♀️
📺My favorite tv show is Riverdale 📺
🎶I love listening to music, it's my happy place🎶

I remembered when i only had 19 followers for the longer but now I'm at 60! Thank yall for following me<3

if animals could talk which one you think would be the rudest

what if your just sitting in your living room watching a good tv show or a movie and then a plane crashes in your house

here's Itadaki Tentaci, nervously waiting for the results of her redesign *this is pre color and outline, all 4 with color will be posted when done*

THEY'RE DONE!~ from left to right:
Bolls Royce(and his magic ball companion which i don't have a name for yet): the ball stares at his current colors, hoping they won't change, Bolls kinda worried too..
Otsani Lilo: she's nervously hoping she doesn't need to change her colors
Itadaki Tentaci: just waiting for the results of recolor poll
Otana Nitodi: she's just staring at y'all intimidatingly... as for the kunai, she doesn't use it much....
remember, one will be from current to orange and gray..

(left to right)
Otsani Lilo*: nervously hoping she doesn't have to be recolored
Itadaki Tentaci: just waiting for results
Otana Nitodi*: she's just staring at yu in a rather intimidating way... and don't mind her kunai, she uhh.... like holding it a lot..... *nervous laugh*

[*= not done yet]

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