[FR] Le Studio d'animation Blender lance "SPRING" ou j'ai contribué à la direction artistique. Concept, blog, vidéo d'intro, et bonus(sources) en accès libre! (note: pre-prod déjà finie, je retourne sur Pepper&Carrot):

🔗 cloud.blender.org/p/spring/blo

[EN] The Blender Animation Studio launches "SPRING" where I contributed as art-director. Concept, blog, intro video, and bonus( with sources) are in free access on the link above (note: preprod over, I'm back to Pepper&Carrot!):


what's wrong with me -_- I then forgot the word "important" in that last toot.

hm, I meant to write 20 millions, and forgot the most word in that sentence.

After a few bugs fixed it now typically takes the fuzzer more than 20 tessellated paths before finding an issue.

Fuzzing lyon's path fill tessellator. Current status: 52000 random paths tessellated and zarro bougs found!

Hello #Mastodon! 🍍

You and your friends need to know about this amazing #libre game engine 🎮, so watch, boost and spread the word! 🗣


#GodotEngine #FOSS #gamedev

I love this glitchy Firefox Nightly logo they use on the Mozilla Gfx Team blog. mozillagfx.wordpress.com/

Those Who Leave, by Koltes + Ponk + Unix: youtu.be/x6QrKsBOERA

Ranked 2nd in the 4k PC compo at Evoke 2017

A very uplifting GDC talk by Teddy Dief (Hyper Light Drifter), describing his day to day game developer life, over smooth music. :]

Still Grooving: Game Dev Life Set to Live Music - youtube.com/watch?v=x1gdAKEqEp

#YouTube #gamedev

Lyon now passes all of Mapbox's earcut tests (and only one test is still failing in my own test suite).


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