Le tuto BTCPay réalisé par @bitcoinshirt est désormais disponible en français.

Plus d'info ici 👉 bitcoin.fr/btcpay-tuto/

I'm leaving mastodon.social
if you want, follow me on my new instance: @orionwl@x0f.org

"Windows games with no Linux version currently available can now be installed and run directly from the Linux Steam client" - steamcommunity.com/games/22141

I'm hyped!

@laurentmt @NicolasDorier @orionwl @waxwing I was thinking of making a tool akin to the EFF's Panopticlick: measuring entropy leaked by transactions. For example: "Your transaction uses RBF, 1 in 35 does so, this leaks X bits of information"

My Mastodon "notifications" feed is more interesting than Twitter. No fancy algorithm, just pure chronological order. This is genius.

I found the only host matching all the requirement for BTCPay server: time4vps.eu/storage-servers/ … with @time4vps ... and it is cheap!

Will make a tutorial video on how to host your BTCPay server on this hosting provider.

@time4vps and @easyDNS seems to be the golden combination to workaround fiat.

Searching unicorn VPS which accept BTC, no bitpay, 4GB of RAM, at least 1 TB of storage for upcoming video about @BTCPayServer "host on your own VPS" video. I

ICYMI: I'll be writing a step by step tutorial on how to create an ecommerce store powered by open-source tools (WordPress, WooCommerce and BTCPay Server), step by step, with no steps skipped. Here's quick GIF of the illustrations I've been preparing. Intended for newbies who'd like to start earning bitcoin by participating in the ecosystem. You can also follow my crash-dummy store wootoshi.com for the progress.

The Satoshi Nakamoto Institute now accepts Bitcoin donations via @BTCPayServer. Support our efforts by visiting nakamotoinstitute.org/donate/ (or by hodling)

The longer Bitcoin survives, the more difficult it is to kill. Time is Bitcoin's best ally.

Making it possible to run your own full node, prevent that the failure of one actor impacts the whole industry, making it easier for Bitcoin to live longer.

app for Mastodon on mobile is surprisingly great. I just migrated from Twitter, and the app is way better ! Multi account made easy. (Though, when registering 2 new account, Tusky does not clean the cookies correctly, so when you add the second account, it does not show you the login page to enter the second account)

TL;DR; licensing system was so complicated you needed to take training and pass certifications to make sense of it. Open Source didn't care. That said, if you are startup you can get MS products for 3 years. (Bizspark)

Now they since improved!



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