The longer Bitcoin survives, the more difficult it is to kill. Time is Bitcoin's best ally.

Making it possible to run your own full node, prevent that the failure of one actor impacts the whole industry, making it easier for Bitcoin to live longer.

@NicolasDorier it reminded me of a quote by aantonop. Something like "the idea is out there now", "any junior programmer can make it again even if the current implementation would dissappear".
Anyway, just something that came to my mind :)

@NicolasDorier and with the nature of the network/protocol (technical level) and the whole idea of a "rollback" to a system where _you_ are in control of your own money and not in the hands of someone who from one minute to the next can decide to deny you access.
When normal people (lack of better term) realise this adoption will, in my opinion, be more inclined to switch making it even more solid.

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