Searching unicorn VPS which accept BTC, no bitpay, 4GB of RAM, at least 1 TB of storage for upcoming video about @BTCPayServer "host on your own VPS" video. I

@NicolasDorier @BTCPayServer I have my own network and servers which will happily accept BTC for VM hosting. The website is coming soon.

@NicolasDorier @BTCPayServer I have a server with 20TB of free space, you can use all you want. It’s 8 drives in a raid 6, so fast and redundant.

@NicolasDorier @BTCPayServer you live in Tokyo too, right? I can meet anytime and show you the server.

@wiz @BTCPayServer ah I thought you would be hosting provider, but it is server for your own usage right?

@NicolasDorier @BTCPayServer I’ve run my own ISP for years, just for myself. I own the routers, switches, IP blocks, servers, etc. Most importantly, the administrative and abuse contact of the network is me, so if someone complains about you, the email will go to me and nobody else. For example see who the “network provider” of this Bitcoin full node is:

@NicolasDorier @BTCPayServer well that was the original design of the decentralized internet, for everyone to run a “full node” router... fortunately the recent trend to use centralized services will be replaced with superior decentralized services like mastodon!

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